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We can offer you comprehensive consultancy services with the appropriate expertise in all fields of building operations. We can therefore examine the building and its operation from different perspectives – both from the operator's perspective, as well as the owner's or investor's perspective. Our experience and capabilities, as well as the benefits that come with grouping our services together and collaborating with our own in-house experts, means we can also offer high-quality consultancy services in this field.

We can offer you our services both within the scope of Technical Assistance services, as well as Technical Due Diligence services. With our Technical Assistance services, we make our structural and technical specifications available with regard to the project development of new properties by continually accompanying you through the planning and implementation phases. However, Technical Due Diligence serves to reveal both the strengths and weaknesses of the property and technical sites and then, based on this, can be used to recommend potential areas for improvement. This service is generally combined with the development of safety concepts.