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The necessary activities that are associated with the pre-opening of a hotel or resort are important for the economic success of a hotel's operation during the start-up phase. The risk of failure can be drastically reduced through diligent and detailed pre-opening planning.

All the necessary foundations need to be established so that the start-up phase for the hotel or resort operation is not put at risk. Alongside comprehensive marketing aspects, these foundations include project monitoring, developing distribution channels, observing legally required points or identifying personnel needs, as well as recruiting employees. Due to the risks associated with the comprehensive pre-opening processes, we recommend including experienced specialists in this phase. We can support you during the planning of the pre-opening phase and supervise you through it. In addition to a comprehensive pre-opening plan, we can draw up an individual pre-opening budget that is tailored to your project, as well as all the necessary lists in qualitative and quantitative form. If required, we can also draw up a budget for Operating Equipment (O.E.), Information Technology (IT) and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E). Depending on the project's progress, we can individually tailor these services to the hotel or resort for you.