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Feasibility studies are necessary for every type of project due to existing versatility and complexity when developing hotel and resort projects. These studies should be carried out during one of the early project planning phases, irrespective of whether it is a new build, extension or refurbishment. Only an in-depth analysis and thus the form of the feasibility study based on the occasion for analysis allow scope for variation.

Within the scope of this analysis, we can also offer plausibility checks and analyse existing feasibility studies or individual sections of these studies. Many existing analyses and calculations are not completely documented, and it is our goal to discover and to check the plausibility of inaccurate and incomplete conclusions or decisions and thus to finally be able to draw up an individual project evaluation. A deeply critical evaluation of current analyses is therefore necessary.

The team at Orange Lion GmbH have the specialist knowledge and comprehensive experience in hotel project development to make them your competent contact partner in the field of feasibility studies. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to correctly evaluate collated data and information and what they mean for the project and, as a result, deduce a location recommendation or a product concept that will underpin the project's economic success. In this way, we are able to uncover potential development risks and lay the foundations for an economic evaluation of the project. The feasibility study therefore serves as an indispensable element of the project preparation. It is not only a decision-making aid for a resort or hotel project and thus provides the next project development steps, but it is also a deciding factor in avoiding bad investments and unfavourable developments.

Within the scope of a feasibility study, the following analyses are carried out, and depending on the assignment, they may vary in depth or structure, be adjusted to the project, the current project status and our customers' visions: market and location analyses, competition analyses, profitability analyses, potential analyses as well as plausibility recommendations.