ARBOREA Resort Schierke

National Park Harz

Consulting services in the context of an EU-sponsored town development scheme. Advancing the settling of hotel business as core element of the masterplan.

Feasibility analysis and concept-development for the ARBOREA resort Schierke in the National Park Harz

The ARBOREA Resort in Schierke, situated in the densely wooded and mountainous Harz area in the middle of Germany. This is as good as it gets for outdoor fans. The cherry on top, a superb spa that completes the whole experience and enhances the attractiveness of the whole region.

Development of a tailor-made hotel concept with its positioning based on the prevailing competitive and market conditions as well as the project-related travel trends.

The feasibility study includes a detailed market-, location und competition analysis, an operational management concept, the planning of the functional model and the room plans of the resort. Additionally, a 5-year profitability forecast was elaborated, including a best-, worst- and base- case scenario.