Hotel and holiday resort

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Orange Lion was commissioned by El Sery for Tourism Development S.A.E. to provide consulting services for a hotel and holiday resort in Marsa Alam. This is a five-star lifestyle hotel and wellness resort right beside the Red Sea in an area covering 300,000 m². The concept was based on three fundamental pillars: wellness, sport and family. Wellness covers 4.500 m² with 5-star facilities, services and treatments. Over 15 different indoor and outdoor sports with various orientations and levels are part of the programme. There are also extensive offers for families: large choice of all-day children's programmes, entertainment activities and services, as well as professional care.

Investigating existing feasibility studies; summarising and commenting on the results, considering the impacts on the project location

Analysing existing plans following the investigations carried out previously

Developing an exact concept for use while considering the existing and very advanced plans, as well as developing a detailed operational concept for all resort areas, including 36 food & beverage

outlets, "back of the house", animation & entertainment programme, sport activities, fitness & wellness, a reception area, outdoor areas with 12 indoor and outdoor pools, staff quarters, a hotel academy, a shopping mall (with between 80 and 100 shops) and administrative offices

Planning the exact personnel requirements, organising a personnel appointment scheme for approximately 1,500 employees. Arranging the project marketing, incl. project visualisation, using a marketing film in cooperation with our partner CADMAN

Creating an energy management plan, including developing an energy concept, strategic development for the use of renewable energies, researching potential energy suppliers and providing advice during contract negotiations

Providing advice and support during the construction and building phase